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Loss or Theft of personal items or travel documents

Have you lost or had your personal items stolen?

Reporting a theft online with Police

When the police has received your report, a written receipt will be sent to you with a case number. The processing time is approximately one week and the receipt will be sent to you by mail (ordinary post).

You will be guided through the process of reporting the crime. Depending on the information you provide, you will be told whether you can report the crime online or whether you will have to contact the police in person.

Lost Travel Document
The Australian Embassy in Copenhagen can usually issue an Emergency Passport within 2 business days.
For information on the Emergency Passport, please see:

You must attend a personal interview at the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen to lodge the application. Australia does not have an Embassy or Consulate in Norway nor Iceland, so if you lose your passport or travel document there, you must travel to Copenhagen or Stockholm to lodge the replacement passport application. The Embassy will confirm this in writing if required.

Our opening hours are listed here:

If you have lost your passport in an airport, you should contact the airport to see if the passport has been handed in.

Lost and Found Office contact details

Copenhagen Airport -
Danish National Rail Services (DSB - in Danish) -
Danish Police Greater Copenhagen -
Danish Police Aarhus and Central Jutland region:

Each Danish Police region has a Lost and Found section. Find the area where you are located, then use the search function and type 'Hittegods' (Danish word for Lost Property):

Oslo Airport -
Bergen Airport -
Stavanger Airport -
Tromsø Airport -
Trondheim Airport -
Bodø Airport -
Kristiansand Airport hand lost property over to Police after three months

Visit Oslo - Links to lost/found offices:
Flytoget -  
Norwegian National Rail (NSB) -
Police - Go to , find the relevant county and use the search word 'Hittegods' (Norwegian and Danish for Lost/Found)

If you lose your passport in Iceland we have often found that they are handed back in to authorites.

Keflavik International Airport -
Blue Lagoon Lost and Found -


Updated/reviewed  11 December 2017