Australian Embassy
Norway, Iceland

Loss or Theft of documents

Loss or theft of personal items or travel documents


If your passport has been lost or stolen, you are required by law to report the loss or theft. This should be done as soon as practicable to your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate or via our on-line service. To report your passport lost or stolen online, please click here. Please note that passports reported as lost or stolen will be immediately and permanently cancelled. A cancelled passport must not be used for travel.

To apply for a new passport you need to fill out B11 General Declaration and book an appointment at the Embassy.


Reporting a theft

  • Report a crime in Denmark. When the police receive your report, a written receipt will be sent to you with a case number. The processing time is approximately one week, and the receipt will be sent to you by mail (ordinary post).
  • Report a crime in Norway. You will be guided through the process of reporting the crime. Depending on the information you provide, you will be told whether you can report the crime online or whether you will have to contact the police in person.


Lost travel document

  • The Australian Embassy in Copenhagen can usually issue an Emergency Passport within 2 business days. For information on the Emergency Passport services click here.
  • Check our opening hours here. You can call us on + 45 70 26 36 76
  • If you have lost your passport in an airport, you should contact the airport to see if the passport has been handed in.


Damaged passport

If your passport has been damaged and you are in doubt as to whether it can be used to travel on, please email [email protected] and attach a photo along with a description on how it got damaged. If you are travelling urgently, you may need to apply for an Emergency passport.


  • Slightly damaged: If your passport has suffered mild water damage but we can still positively confirm your identity, you may be able to lodge a PC7 renewal application form pending review by passport staff.
  • Severely damaged: If it is impossible to discern your identity from the passport's bio page or if one or several pages have been ripped from the passport, it will be considered severely damaged and you must apply for a new passport using a PC8 application form, provide a Guarantor, who has known you for more than 12 months and present your original cardinal documents at an interview.

Book an appointment at the Embassy. Find more information here.


Updated on 4 April 2022