Australian Embassy
Norway, Iceland


Passport and Consular Fees


Passport Fees

July 2022

Adult passport - 32 pages, 10 years validity* 2,173 DKK  446 AUD
Senior passport - 32 pages, 5 years validity* 1,427 DKK  293 AUD
Child (16-17 years) passport - 32 pages, 10 years validity** 1,827 DKK  375 AUD
Child (0-15 years) passport - 32 pages, 5 years validity** 1,081 DKK  222 AUD
Emergency Passport - 4 pages, 7 months validity (no chip) 940 DKK  193 AUD
Replacement Passport - valid for the remainder of current passport's validity 940 DKK 193 AUD
Certificate of Identity 940 DKK 193 AUD
Document of Identity 395 DKK 81 AUD
Observation Label after Passport has been issued 73 DKK 15 AUD
*includes Adult Overseas Processing Surcharge fee 672 DKK 138 AUD
**includes Child Overseas Processing Surcharge fee 326 DKK 67 AUD







You may apply for a Replacement Passport if your current passport was issued after 1 January 2006, or you are changing your name or gender, or if you have run out of pages in your passport (with at least 2 years validity left). Note that any new passport will have a new passport number, so you may have to update this information with any immigration authorities where you have registered passport details.


Notarial Fees

Notarial fees are non-refundable.

For all notarial services provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, please see the Smartraveller site.
If the service you require is not specified in the below table, please contact the Consular Section.

If mailing in your documents for a notarial service, please transfer payment to the Embassy's bank account at the time of your request.

July 2022

 Notarial service  Description  DKK  AUD
 Certified copy (per document)^  Making and certifying a copy of an original document 370 DKK 76 AUD
 Witnessing a signature  Witnessing a signature - per signature, per document 370 DKK 76 AUD
 Issuing an Apostille  - with or without binding multiple pages of a document 424 DKK 87 AUD
 Issuing an Authentication  - with or without binding multiple pages of a document 424 DKK 87 AUD
 Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage  - including witnessing a signature if lodged at Embassy 745 DKK 153 AUD

^A passport is considered one document.


Postage Fees

You can make an appointment to collect your passport or notarial service at the Embassy. Once we have provided the service you requested, you will be notified by email. Please reply to that email and provide a 30-minute window within our opening hours in which to expect you.

Registered mail

Within Denmark (1 business day delivery)       DKK  150

Outside of Denmark (Nordic region)                   DKK  135

Courier (DHL) delivery costs

Within Denmark (major cities)                             DKK  325

Within Denmark (remote areas)                          DKK  415

Greenland or Faroe Islands                                   DKK  530

Norway or Iceland (major cities)                        DKK  370

Norway or Iceland (remote areas)                     DKK  530

Australia                                                                        DKK 530

Other destinations will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Note of possible fee changes
DFAT sets passport and consular fees in Australian Dollars, but Embassies must accept fees in the local currency. As currencies fluctuate, overseas posts have to amend their fees. Fees in local currency are evaluated at the end of each month. The fees listed here may change next month, so please check back on this website if you are not requesting our services this month.


How to pay

At interview in Copenhagen: you can pay by Mobilepay or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Danish-issued Dankort).

Alternatively, if you wish to make a digital transfer to the Embassy's account, please email [email protected] for details.


For Outreach appointments in Norway and Iceland: you will be asked to complete a payment authorisation form at your appointment or you can pay via bank transfer after your appointment. Outreach visits are advertised on our passports page.

Last updated:  30 June 2022