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We remain committed to providing consular advice and services to Australians in Denmark, Norway and Iceland during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click on the below links to see regular updates to Australians from the Ambassador, Mary Ellen Miller.
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Update on Australia´s border closures, visa and travel options 
First sent to the Vegemite Lists of Denmark, Iceland and Norway on Friday 27 March 2020.

Dear all

I hope you are doing well and staying safe. Things have been moving fast since our last update to the Vegemite list.

Here at the Embassy in Copenhagen we have received many enquiries and while social media can provide a lot of information very quickly, I write today to give you all the latest update.
As you may have already seen , from 20 March, only Australian citizens, residents and their immediate family members can travel to Australia.

The most recent advice is that as of 23:59 AEDST 28 March 2020 (14:00, Copenhagen time), every person arriving in Australia will have to go into mandatory quarantine at the point of arrival. Full advice from the Department of Home Affairs is available here

The quarantine will be mandatory for 14 days and will take place at the port of arrival where you clear immigration. Australians returning home will have to undertake quarantine before retuning to their place of residence

The cost of the 14 days quarantine will be covered  by the relevant State government and all Australians traveling home are asked to respect the designated place of quarantine. Full details are in the attached fact sheet.

Our team here in Copenhagen as well as our colleagues in the rest of Europe, have received calls from Australians asking about these measures – some have expressed an interest in remaining overseas to avoid the quarantine. Firstly, I would stress that the advice remains to come home. We know that there are flight options available (detailed information is available on our Facebook page) so please consider getting yourself home via existing commercial options.

If you do plan to stay here on your existing visa arrangements, make sure that they are in line with local requirements. While border control authorities may overlook a short overstay on your visa as a result of flight cancellations or delays getting to an airport, it is important to respect the visa regulations in Europe, just as we expect people to when visiting Australia.  If you do stay, please follow the advice of local authorities in your area.

Please continue to monitor our website and Facebook page for information which is updated regularly.

Warm regards

MaryEllen Miller
Australian Ambassador to Denmark, Norway and Iceland


COVID19 advice from the Embassy
First sent to the Vegemite Lists of Denmark, Iceland and Norway on Monday 16 March 2020.

Dear all Australians in Denmark, Norway and Iceland

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared that the spread of the Covid19, Novel-Coronavirus, is a pandemic. The last pandemic we experienced was the H1N1 in 2009.

According to global health authorities, the Covid19 virus spreads more rapidly than the H1N1 and as you have already experienced, drastic measures have been taken to limit the spread and reduce the pressure on our health sector.

At this time, it is clear that we cannot stand alone. Our actions have impacts on others and we want to echo the advice we receive from the local authorities: Maintain a strong hygienic regimen and if you are experiencing any symptoms – even if you have not travelled in any of the previously designated risky areas – you should seek advice from your doctor, talk to your place of work and advise your colleagues, friends and family of any concerns so they can act accordingly.

At the Embassy, we have received phone calls from both locals and Australians, asking about travel plans, about what might happen next.
In a time such as this, we recommend that you reduce the uncertainty as much as possible, contact your airline or travel agency by email with reference to your booking so they can provide specific advice to your travel plans – talk to your family and friends and set up digital calls and meetings.

For all of you with travel plans to Australia, please read this article from our Department, offering updated advice. If you’re travelling or returning to Australia and arrive from 12am on 16 March, you will be required to self-isolate (Coronavirus COVID-19 isolation guidance) for 14 days. This applies to all travellers, including Australian citizens.

As a response to the advice given by local authorities, we have cancelled all interviews otherwise scheduled at the Embassy until 1 April 2020. Please contact us if you require urgent assistance.

Australian Travel advice for Denmark:
Australian Travel advice for Norway:
Australian Travel advice for Iceland:

Specific for:

Denmark: IF you have any questions about how to best manage, the Danish authorities have set up a Hotline where you can ask non-medical questions: +45 70 200 233

Additional helpful websites are:
Collective page for all Danish Authorities:
Danish Health Department Q&A:
Copenhagen Airport:

Danish Immigration Authorities:


Please take a moment to read the advice accumulated by the Norwegian Department of Public Health on what you can do to register any symptoms, reduce infection and act responsibly:

Additional helpful websites are:
Department of Public Health:
General information from the Norwegian Health sector:
Norwegian Dept of Foreign Affairs:


Please call 1700 (or +354 544 4113 if you are calling from a foreign phone number) if you have symptoms. You will be advised on precautions to prevent spreading the illness to others and how to access health care services appropriate to your degree of illness. In case of emergency call 112. Please remember to report your travel history and connection to COVID-19 when contacting the health care services. Please do not visit any clinic or hospital where others may also be exposed without calling ahead.

Additional helpful websites:
Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management:
Icelandic Department of Health:
Keflavik International Airport:



Updated / reviewed   7 April 2020