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Passport and Consular Fees

Passport and Consular Fees

Preferred method of payment
Mobilepay is now available - our number is 88968
Digital transfer - for example - or regular bank transfers at least three (3) banking days prior to an interview is preferred. The bank details are below.
Alternatively, we accept credit card payments at the interview - Visa, Mastercard and Danish issued Dankort only.

Passport fees

March 2020
You may apply for a Replacement Passport if your current passport has more than 2 years validity left and you are changing your name or gender, or if you have run out of pages in your passport. Note that any new passport will have a new passport number, so you may have to update this information with any immigration authorities where you have registered passport details.

Adult passport - 32 pages, 10 years validity (incl. Adult Overseas Surcharge Fee*)   1,999 DKK     432 AUD
Senior passport - 32 pages, 5 years validity (incl. Adult Overseas Surcharge Fee*)   1,314 DKK     280 AUD
Child (16-17 years) passport - 32 pages, 10 years validity (incl. Child Overseas Surcharge Fee**)   1,680 DKK     363 AUD
Child (0-15 years) passport - 32 pages, 5 years validity (incl. Child Overseas Surcharge Fee**)     995 DKK     215 AUD
Emergency Passport - 4 pages, 7 months validity (no chip)     866 DKK     187 AUD
Replacement Passport - valid for the remainder of current passport's validity     866 DKK     187 AUD
* Adult Overseas Processing Surcharge fee is included      620 DKK     134 AUD
** Child Overseas Processing Surcharge fee is included      301 DKK       65 AUD






Notarial fee

Notarial fees are non-refundable.

For all notarial services provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, please see the Smartraveller site.
If the service you require is not specified in the below table, please contact the Consular Section.

March 2020

Notarial service Description  DKK  AUD
Certified copy (per document) Making and certifying a copy of an original document   338 DKK    73 AUD
Witnessing a signature Witnessing a signature - per signature, per document   338 DKK    73 AUD
Issuing an Apostille  - with or without binding multiple pages of a document   389 DKK    84 AUD
Issuing an Authentication  - with or without binding multiple pages of a document   389 DKK    84 AUD
Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage  - including witnessing a signature if lodged at Embassy   685 DKK   148 AUD

*) a passport is considered one document.

Bank details

Name of Account: Australian Embassy Official Account
Bank Name: Nordea Bank
Branch Number: 2191 Account Number: 8894 336 820
Address: Vesterbrogade 8, Box 850, 0900 København C
IBAN: DK2720008894336820
Use the transfer's message box to write passport applicant’s full name and type of service required (e.g. Name, adult passport + DHL)

NOTE: Bank transfers take 1-3 banking days and should thus be made in advance of the interview date.

International bank fees when transferring from a non-Danish Bank account - consider online transfers, like Transferwise
The EU has imposed a fixed split of costs of international bank transfers which means that our account may be deducted DKK 50.00 following an international bank transfer. Please contact your bank to verify the particulars for transferring money from your account to ours and make sure that you add DKK 50.00 to the total amount if the fixed split cost applies to you to ensure the Embassy receives the required fee in full.

Alternative methods of digital transactions are acceptable. (Transferwise, etc.) Please send a screen dump of the transaction to make sure we can identify your payment correctly.

Postage fees

You can make an appointment to collect your passport or notarial service at the Embassy. Once your service has been completed, you will be notified by email and you can reply to that email, providing a 30-minute window within our opening hours in which to expect you.

Registered mail costs
Inside Denmark                                                      DKK  150,00
Outside Denmark                                                   DKK  130,00

Courier delivery costs (DHL)
Outside Denmark (major cities):                      DKK 320.00
Outside Denmark (remote areas):                   DKK 530.00
Within Denmark: (major cities)                         DKK 270.00
Within Denmark: (remote areas)                      DKK 415.00

Note of possible fee changes
DFAT sets passport and consular fees in the Australian Dollar currency, but Embassies must accept fees in the local currency. As currencies fluctuate, overseas posts have to amend their fees. Fees in local currency are evaluated at the end of each month. The fees listed here may change next month so check back in on this websiteif you are not requesting our services within this month.


Reviewed/Updated  28 February 2020