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Driving Licence information

Driving licence information

The Danish government enacted legislation to allow Australian driving licence holders to exchange their valid, full licences to a Danish one, provided certain criteria were met. Part of the criteria is to submit evidence that your driving licence is valid. This is done by applying for Driving History report from the issuing office in Australia.


How to get Driving History report?

  1. Request a Driving History report from your state office in Australia.

  2. Ask issuing office to email/mail the report directly to Australian Embassy Copenhagen.


The authorities will only accept:

  • Driving History Reports that have been sent to them directly from the Australian Embassy.
  • Please make sure the issuing office emails the report to the Australian Consular inbox: [email protected].

If your issuing office does not provide electronic reports:

  • They must be signed and mailed to the Australian Embassy where we can affix an apostille on the document. A logo is insufficient. A signature must be verifiable by DFAT for us affix an Apostille. The Apostille process is explained here.

If you have already applied:

  • You will eventually receive a letter from the Police, advising you that the Police cannot verify that it is genuine. This is normal.
  • Please forward this letter to the Embassy - [email protected] - and apply for the Driving History report from the Department of Transport which issued the driving licence.


Renewing or replacing Australian driver licence overseas

  • Some states allow Australian drivers to renew their licence while overseas. Find out more here.
  • If you are unable to submit your current licence along with the application form, you can have your ID certified, and your signature witnessed by a Diplomatic officer at the Australian Embassy.
  • Book an appointment here.


Find your state office here:

You can apply for your driving licence report online and have it sent by email to the Embassy on [email protected].


  • Australian Capital Territory – ACT
    Apply for licence history search here. The driving licence holder can authorise a third party to obtain their information on their behalf.
  • New South Wales – NSW
    Apply for your driving record here. Check out NSW driving record sample here. 
  • Northern Territory – NT
    Complete traffic history check here. Only the holder may apply for their driving record.
  • Queensland – QLD
    Apply for your traffic history report here.
  • South Australia – SA
    Apply for your licence history report here. Check out SA driving licence sample here.
  • Tasmania – TAS
    Apply for your Driving report by applying for the information to be released here. The holder must apply for their own driving history.
  • Victoria - Vic
    You must first sign up with My VicRoads, then call the operators at VicRoads within their opening hours on +61 3 8391 3216 and authorise that you want the report sent by email to [email protected]. If the VicRoads operator will not take down the email address [email protected], please ask the operator to contact the Searches team on ext. 2388.
  • Western Australia - WA
    Holders of driving licences can authorise third parties, like the commune or the Police, to use the online verification form to confirm licence validity. To check suspended licence status go here.

Updated/Reviewed:  4 August 2021