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Visas for Papua New Guinea (PNG)


If you wish to obtain a visa for Papua New Guinea, please apply directly to the Government of Papua New Guinea's Immigration and Citizenship Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. If a visa is approved, the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen can put the physical visa in your passport.

Apply online

Apply via the Government of Papua New Guinea' new online eVisa portal:

The Papua New Guinean government's Immigration department has more information here:

Visa status?

If you would like an update on your visa application, please contact the Papua New Guinean Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority on their online form:

Physical stamp in passport required?

Once the Government of Papua New Guinea approves your visa, they may grant you an electronic visa.  If not, you will need your passport stamped by the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen.

Please email [email protected] once your Government of Papua New Guinea visa has been approved to discuss next steps.
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Updated/reviewed: 07 September 2022