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Information on exchanging Driving Licences


On 1 April 2016, the Danish government enacted legislation to allow Australian driving licence holders to exchange their valid, full licences to a Danish one, provided certain criteria were met.

The Danish Road Safety Agency (Færdselsstyrelsen) provide detailed information on their website:

Copenhagen Commune has a specific website, outlining what is required in Copenhagen: 

The process should be similar in other communes.

When presenting the application to exchange the full 'O' Australian licence (no other licence types are recognised) at Borgerservice, you should include an Apostille-endorsed Driving History Report issued by the relevant Department of Transport in Australia.

Please note: Online Driving History reports without signatures/seal cannot be issued with an Apostille.

The Driving History report provides date of issue, expiry, driving licence number and other details which verify that the driving licence is valid and that your current licence has not been revoked.


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Vegvesen) provides information on how to drive in Norway on an Australian licence:


The Icelandic Multicultural and Information centre provides information about driving in Iceland and links to other official sites:


Obtaining a driving history report from Australia

These are the direct links to the offices, which can issue you with a Driving history report.
Some states only issue the report if applied for by yourself; other states allow you to verify your driving licence online, some allow third parties to check on your behalf. It is outlined below.

If your driving history report must be affixed an apostille, the report must be issued with an actual signature/seal.
A logo is insufficient. This will enable DFAT to verify the signature and affix an Apostille here in Copenhagen.
The Apostille process is explained here:

Australian Capital Territory – ACT
Licence History Search  
 - The driving licence holder can authorise a third party to obtain their information on their behalf

New South Wales – NSW
Driving Record  
 - Only the holder may apply for their driving record.

Northern Territory – NT
Complete Traffic History check
 - Only the holder may apply for their driving record.

Queensland – QLD
Traffic History
 - The holder may authorise a third party to obtain their Traffic History on their behalf.

South Australia – SA
Driving History
 - The holder must apply for their own Driving History

Tasmania – TAS
Release of Information
 - The holder must apply for their own Driving History

Victoria – VIC
Driver History Report
 - The holder must apply for their own Driver History Report

Western Australia – WA*)
Driver licence details
Suspended licence check
 - Third parties can verify the authenticity of the driving licence online

*) Please note that if your Western Australian driving history reports needs to be affixed an Apostille, it must first be notarised by an Australian notary public unless the signature/seal on the report is verifiable in the DFAT signature’s database.
Western Australian Notary Publics :

Updated:  18 January 2017