Australian Embassy
Norway, Iceland

Passport Services

How can I submit my passport application?

Book an appointment at the Embassy

All passport applications must be submitted by appointment at the Embassy.

To see the list of documents required and to book an appointment, please click HERE.

Please allow up to six weeks from the date of interview for the passport to arrive at the Embassy, once all requirements have been met.

Passport applications are being processed in Australia and your financial institution may apply an international transaction fee for payments processed in Australian currency.

What are the photo requirements? 

  • You must provide two identical colour photographs of yourself with your passport application form.
  • The photographs must be no more than six months old and meet these photo guidelines.
  • We strongly recommended the photographs be taken by a professional photographer.
  • Some applications require one photograph to be endorsed by a guarantor - please read the instructions for your particular application carefully.

How much does the passport cost? 

The passport application fees (in Danish krone) are adjusted monthly due to variations in exchange rate against Australian dollar. Please note that passport fees do not include postage costs.

Check passport application fees here.

Note: We can only accept your application when complete with all supporting documents and the correct passport application fee has been paid.

How long will it take to process my application?

  • The Australian Passport Office (APO) is currently seeing strong demand for passports. For this reason, you are advised to apply for or renew your passport well ahead of your planned travel dates. Further information from the APO is available here.
  • Please allow up to six weeks from the date of interview for your passport to arrive at the Embassy, once all requirements have been met. This does not include additional in-country mailing time if you choose to have your new passport sent to you via registered mail.
  • If you have an urgent need to travel and cannot wait the standard timeframes for a full validity passport, the Embassy may be able to issue an emergency travel document, in certain limited circumstances. Please contact the Embassy in Copenhagen on + 45 70 26 36 76 for further details and requirements.

Updated on 2 December 2021