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. Passports - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible for a PC7 (streamlined renewal) application?

For an Adult passport renewal, you must be 18 years or over and have a passport that:

  • was issued when you were aged 16 or older

  • was issued on or after 1 January 2006

  • had, when it was issued, at least two years’ validity

  • has your current name, date of birth, place of birth and gender, and

  • has not been reported lost, stolen, or cancelled.

    If you can answer yes to all to the above, you can find instructions on how to submit your application here


Who must complete a PC8 application?

  • Adults applying for their first passport (new applicants, and applicants who have previously only held a child passport)

  • Adults who have not held a passport since 31 December 2005

  • Child passports – new or renewal

  • Anyone replacing a limited validity passport or emergency passport.


What do I need to bring to my passport interview?

  • Your completed application form

  • At least two passport photos

    • It is helpful if you can provide four photos, in case one or both photos are rejected for minor scratches, dust or other blemishes when scanned. We will return any unused photos to you with your new passport.

  • All original supporting documents

  • Payment for the passport (and postage if applicable).

    • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Dankort and MobilePay. See current fees.


What are the requirements for passport photos?

The passport photo requirements for Australian Passport applications are very strict.  Please ensure you obtain a high quality photograph for your application prior to attending your appointment.  Technical information on the dimensions of the photo, acceptable lighting and other useful information can be found at

  • You must provide two identical colour photographs of yourself with your passport application form.

  • The photographs must be no more than six months old.

  • We strongly recommended the photographs be taken by a professional photographer.

  • Some applications require one photograph to be endorsed by a guarantor - please read the instructions for your particular application carefully.

  • It is helpful if you can provide four photos, in case one or both photos are rejected for minor scratches, dust or other blemishes when scanned. We will return any unused photos to you with your new passport.

  • Please note: you may not wear glasses in your passport photo. A limited exemption for medical reasons may apply where supported by a medical certificate (see the photo guidelines link above).


How much does a passport cost?

The passport application fees are set annually in Australian dollars. Each month, the fees in Danish krone are adjusted due to variations in the exchange rate against Australian dollar. Passport fees do not include postage costs.

Note: We can only accept your application when complete, with all supporting documents and the correct passport application fee paid.

Please see for more information.


How long will it take for my passport to arrive?

Passports are currently taking around ten weeks from the date of interview and payment to arrive at the Embassy, once all requirements have been met. Incomplete applications will cause delays.


Does my passport need to be valid for more than six months to enter Australia?

No. Australia requires that your passport must be valid only for the period of your intended travel in and out of Australia. There is no requirement for your passport to be valid for six months after your travel.

However, your airline or transit country/ies may have this requirement. If so, you will need to renew your passport in time for your travel.


My passport has been lost or stolen

If your passport has been lost or stolen, you are required by law to report the loss or theft. This should be done as soon as practicable to your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate or via our on-line service.

To report your passport lost or stolen online, please click .

Please note that passports reported as lost or stolen will be immediately and permanently cancelled. A cancelled passport must not be used for travel.

To apply for a new passport you need to fill out B11 General Declaration and book an appointment at the Embassy.


I need an emergency passport

If you have urgent travel and require an emergency passport, please contact the Embassy on +45 7026 3676 or email [email protected] to see if you are eligible to apply.

Emergency passports are only valid for up to 12 months and don’t have a chip, so some countries do not accept them. Check the visa requirements of any country you plan to enter or transit.

You can apply for a full-validity passport at the same time as you apply for an emergency passport.

You can find further information here:


Who can be my guarantor? 

If you are using the Australian Passport Renewal Application form (PC7), a guarantor is not required.

If you are using the Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form (PC8) you must provide a guarantor.  Your guarantor must complete Section 11 of the application form.  They must also endorse the back of one photo by writing "This is a true photo of [your full name]" and signing in BLACK PEN underneath.  A guarantor is not optional. 

To qualify as a guarantor the person must:

  • Not be related to the applicant by birth or marriage, and

  • Be 18 years of age or over, and

  • Not be in a de facto relationship with the applicant (this includes same sex relationship), nor live at the same address, and

  • Have known the applicant for at least 12 months, or since birth for a child applicant who is under 1 years of age.

In addition, the guarantor must be either:

  • An Australian citizen and holder of a current Australian passport with at least two years validity,

  • A foreign national currently working in one of the following occupational categories:

    Barristers, Solicitors and Patent Attorneys
    Bank Managers
    except managers of bank travel centres
    Chartered Professional Engineers
    Clerk of Courts
    Clerk of Petty Sessions
    Marriage Celebrants
    Members currently serving in the regular Australian Defence Force with at least five years continuous service
    Members of the Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries in Australia
    Police Officers with at least 5 years continuous service
    Public Servants who have been employed continuously for at least 5 years by their current employer
    Registered Medical Practitioners
    Registered Nurses
    Registered Veterinary Surgeons
    Stipendiary Magistrates

What if there are no guarantors in my country?

  • If you have not spent more than 12 months in your country of residence or you do not know anyone who fits the Guarantor categories, you can get someone from another country to act as your Guarantor via email.

  • Please attach a passport photo on page 5 of the PC8 application form (where it says photo face up) and scan it and the Guarantor page (page 3 of the application, section 11) as a PDF.

  • Email the two pages to your Guarantor and have them complete the pages by hand in BLACK pen. In the box to the right of the photo, have them write: “This is a true photo of [applicant’s full name in block letters]” and then sign it.

  • Please email the completed pages to [email protected] or bring them with you to your appointment.


Updated on 29 September 2022